The Kosmos Centre was formally known as The Camden Cypriot Women’s Organisation (CCWO). Founded in 1978, CCWO became a focal point of the large Cypriot community in the borough. CCWO developed into a very successful and respected organisation among the community it served.

Camden was once the heart of the Greek Cypriot community in the UK, being the area in which Cypriot immigrants first settled in the 1930’s and to which subsequent migrants tended to be drawn.

A vibrant community built up with Cypriot shops, restaurants and dressmaking factories. The first Greek Orthodox Church was established, with a further two to follow reflected the high number of people in the community, the businesses and workers helped to develop the area and contributed greatly to the local economy, many brought their own homes. Camden was the first port of call for many Cypriots coming to settle in this country. It was the focal point for Greek Cypriot life and cultures in London.

Many of our members have lived in Camden since coming to this country and because it was a close knit community where Cypriots helped their own, many worked in Greek surroundings, spoke Greek at home and had friends locally that even being in London for so many years have a very poor grasp of their English language.

Over the years CCWO became the heart of the community, providing an invaluable nucleus of support, advice and practical help, enabling local Cypriot women and their families to access services, benefit and community care as well as organising social cultural and recreational activities.

During recent times the community has shifted, with many Cypriots moving out of the area. Children and grandchildren moved away but the older generation wanted to stay in the area known to them. This has meant a change in the make up of the present community and this was reflected in the work of CCWO. A higher percentage of elderly vulnerable older people many of whom are isolated and disadvantaged.

Seeing the changes in the make up of the community, the challenges to survive and become sustainable in a changing economic climate. The management committee took the decision to refocus the centre and broaden out to embrace all ethnic women and their families. In 2016 the charitable objectives were changed as well as the name of the organisation.