What people say

“As a befriender volunteer for CCWO I found that even with the briefest of time at your disposal, one could give a little bit of comfort and even happiness to some very lonely and isolated elderly women. Weekly chats and visits mean so much to people who often have very little contact with the outside world. During the time when I volunteered, I found much to admire in the positive outlook of the women I befriended even in the most adverse of situations and this has been enormously humbling.

“I enjoyed my time as a volunteer. One only really needs a few hours a week but to the people you speak to or visit, it can mean the world. The ladies at the CCWO office do an excellent job of providing all the support to the volunteers. There is clear guidance and training from them and they follow up with you based on the weekly reports provided after the phone calls or visits.”

-Maria. B

Member’s feedback taken from the May 2018 Client Satisfaction Survey

“Since coming to the centre I feel so much better, I meet new people, enjoy the activities and the staff are so welcoming.”

“I enjoy getting involved at the centre. I help out whenever I can, I get a great deal of pleasure and It’s rewarding – I give a little back.”

“I love getting away for the day, the trips are so nice, and we have a good time. It’s good to get out of London.”

“Whenever I need help, a letter explained or help with my pension I come to the centre, I would not go anywhere else, I am used to the staff and I am very satisfied with the service.”

“It’s so reassuring when someone takes the time to explain things. I get very anxious and am grateful to the staff. Things sometimes are not as bad as I think. I would really be lost if I could not go to the centre.”

“It’s the little things that count, I live on my own I look forward to getting a phone call from someone at the centre for a chat. I do not often get out but that phone call keeps me unto date and part of the community. They are so caring.”

“I look forward to coming to the exercise classes, since coming my joints are not as creaky and I feel better in myself. I have made friends and am not so lonely now.”

“Being old and lonely is hurtful and I often get down. Since coming to the centre my life has changed for the better. There is always something going on and people to chat to. What would people like me do without these places to go.”

“I was very satisfied with the legal service. With his help I was successful with an appeal, this has helped me a lot.”

“There is a real community at the centre, with so many different people we all get on and It’s interesting how our backgrounds are so similar.”

“I come as often as I can to the centre, everyone is so welcoming, and I enjoy the activities especially the exercise. I am alone and welcome the company.”

“My mum attends the arts and craft group, she has early dementia. I can really see a change in her when she comes home, she is happy and responsive. I am sure she gets a great deal from the group and It’s a bit of respite for me.”

“Coming to the centre breaks up my day, gives me something to do. I join in the walks and go on trips, which is something I would not do on my own.”

“Companionship is very important when you are old, the centre is a meeting place where we can forget our troubles. The staff are welcoming, and I love the real sense of belonging.”

“The highlight for me is in summer when we go on seaside trips and out to different places.  In a group, we have fun and see places. I would never be able to do these things on my own.”

“My mother went on the group holiday last year to Cyprus, she had such a good time. It was reassuring to know that the group was organised and very well looked after. She has not been to Cyprus for many years and visited places that she had not seen since she was a child. She remembers the holiday and talks about it often.”

“The staff are friendly and kind and have encouraged me to come and join in or just to sit and chat over tea. I am getting my confidence back and building friendships, I do not feel so cut off.”